Retro Bowl Game – Why Everyone Is Crazy About It ?

There are many reasons why the comparisons have been inevitable, and although the Tecmo-inspired origins of the game are obvious it’s easy to fall into thinking that Retro Bowl is a simple throwback to a past time. In the midst of its nostalgic reminiscences it is an experience that blends an in-depth strategy for on-field and team management with the play-by-play simplicity of an arcade game and is a great fit for the Switch.

What it has in common what it shares with Tecmo Bowl is evidently its aesthetic style and retro style as well as the simplicity and simplicity of playing. With vibrant 8-bit sprites, and lively chip tune music, there’s an energy and fun which today’s more serious games often lack. Instead of scouring menus and fiddling playing with cards it is possible to get an entire franchise up and running in just a few seconds and have a full season in an hour. (more…)